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Solutions Overview

Basement Technologies Overview

Welcome to the world of PERMANENT leaky basement technologies.

Like the most seasoned of physicians, PERMA-DRY approaches each wet basement by evaluating the underlying problem – not just temporarily fixing it with a typical “band aid” method. By first evaluating the underlying problem we can help you diagnose your basement leak problem. Once the problem is diagnosed, we can then prescribe repair options and pricing and present them along with a recommendation to our Customer so they can choose the repair that is right for them.

PERMA-DRY has been waterproofing basements since 1978 and our basement waterproofing specialists through the use of our proprietary systems can actually arrest a leak while it’s happening, guaranteeing a leak-proof seal on any crack – without the need to excavate.

Professionals in Leaky Basement Repair

PERMA-DRY offers professional waterproofing solutions to the many problems that can affect a leaking basement and concrete – from small cracks to major leaks, our flexible resins and wet basement solutions have been carefully designed to withstand the geology and temperature extremes of the North American climate. We can waterproof anything from basements to bridges and cisterns to swimming pools.

Waterproofing Basement Leaks

But we don’t stop there – we have developed a comprehensive arsenal of basement technologies and basement systems for concrete crack repair, basement drainage, foundation waterproofing, exterior basement waterproofing and concrete repair. We can even waterproofing basement floor! Here are unique products and systems PERMA-DRY provides from leaks and waterproofing to other repair and restoration work:

  1. Leaks & Waterproofing
  2. Foundation Stabilization & Structural Repair
  3. Concrete Repair & Restoration
  4. Mould Remediation

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