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Leaks & Waterproofing

Leaky, Wet Basement Solutions – Basement & Foundation Waterproofing

Leaks and Waterproofing
Foundation and Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Each year PERMA-DRY seals thousands of leaky basement foundations permanently in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our waterproofing products have been proven effective in stopping all types of wet basement headaches and water leaks through concrete, masonry and even steel.
Our leak and waterproofing products include:

PERMA-SEAL® Flexible Resins Crack Repair
PERMA-DRAIN™ System for Hydrostatic Pressure Relief
PERMA-TRAC™ System for Water Infiltration Management
RUB-R-KOTE™ Elastomeric Waterproofing Systems


The PERMA-SEAL range of flexible resins provides guaranteed repairs to cracked and leaking concrete foundations. When pressure-injected into a crack using THERMO-JET technology, these resins adhere to the concrete surface—even when it is wet—fill all voids and form a custom-fit seal throughout the entire thickness of a wall. The resins are durable and will withstand cracking and shifting as the result of thermal cycles. All repairs take place from the inside, with no need for digging, heavy equipment or disturbance to landscaping.

PERMA-SEAL is suitable for:

  • cracks or holes in concrete walls
  • around pipes and conduits
  • cisterns, reservoirs and caissons
  • leaking below-grade expansion and construction joints
  • manhole seals, aqueducts, holding tanks and swimming pools


Conventional drain tile systems are installed outdoors around the perimeter of a property. Installation can only take place during fine, dry weather and it requires extensive yardwork to repair landscaping, lawns and driveways. The PERMA-DRAIN solution is different. It is installed indoors, in any weather and in any season, around the entire perimeter of a foundation and carries water away from your building. Inspections, clear-outs and repairs can be carried out quickly and inexpensively—with no messy digging—and the system is guaranteed for as long as you own the property.


The PERMA-TRAC system has been designed to tackle the problem of hydrostatic pressure, which can build up outside your basement as a result of poor drainage. A proven and reliable water control system, it can help turn your basement into dry, usable space without the need for messy and disruptive excavation. Because it is installed from the inside, PERMA-TRAC can be put in place at any time of the year, in any weather conditions. Once installed, water infiltration through your floor and wall joints, floor cracks, poured concrete and cinder block walls is completely eliminated.


Your sump pump is an important part of your basement water control system. Our submersible PERMA-PUMP offers 1/3 horsepower, which is capable of handling up to 2750 gallons-per-hour of water. The perforated pit liner has an air-tight bolt-down lid that is strong enough to stand on, and it comes complete with vibration-absorbing fittings to ensure smooth, quiet operation. Excess water can be channelled away using the PERMA-DRAIN system. The high water alarm has full battery-powered back up to let you know if the water level rises too high.


RUB-R-KOTE is designed to waterproof and protect concrete, wood and other substrates from the elements, impact damage, chemicals, and electrical charges. With its highly concentrated urethane base, RUB-R-KOTE also provides an attractive, seamless, waterproof, elastomeric membrane that can be pigmented in a variety of colours. RUB-R-KOTE is ideally suited for waterproofing concrete podiums, mezzanines, parking garages, balconies, decks or any substrate that’s needs waterproofing and beautification.