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Foundation Stabilization & Structural Repair

Repair, restore & renew old concrete

For foundation stabilization & structural repair of old concrete.

PERMA-DRY™ can give new life to old, damaged concrete walls, walkways, parking garages, driveways and floor slabs. Its range of concrete repair products and systems can seal and waterproof cracks, fill, patch and level concrete, and protect concrete from moisture penetration, erosion and water damage. They can even repair exterior stairwells.

Our PERMA-DRY™ foundation stabilization and structural repair systems include:

  1. PERMA-BOND™ Epoxy Structural Crack Repair
  2. PERMA-BRACE™ Foundation Wall Reinforcement
  3. PERMA-STITCH™ Structural Crack Reinforcement
  4. PERMA-PIN™ Foundation Underpinning
  5. Exterior Stairwell Entrance Repair


PERMA-BOND is available in a variety of viscosities to suit a range of tasks. It is carefully formulated to repair structural concrete cracks, resist concrete movement, and to anchor new concrete to existing concrete.


PERMA-BRACE is  an efficient and cost-effective way of stabilizing bowing foundation walls and preventing further movement. It can be used to stabilize horizontal or diagonal foundation wall cracks in poured concrete walls, cracked and bowed concrete block foundations, and threatened wall collapse in rock and stone foundations.


PERMA-STITCH is an effective and efficient method of permanently stabilizing structural concrete walls. It restores the structural integrity of the foundation by ‘stitching’ the cracked and broken concrete together again. It can also be used to help correct deflected foundation walls.


Foundation settlement can be the result of poor soil-bearing capacities, inadequate compaction of sub-soils, and sometimes expansive soils. PERMA-PIN is a unique method of arresting and correcting foundation settlement. We install piers beneath your foundation that help to transfer the weight of your home to suitable soil or rock.

Exterior Stairwell Entrance Repair