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Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Basement Waterproofing


The PERMA-DRAIN™ Xterior is the superior alternative to traditional exterior waterproofing and drainage methods for your wet basement. The PERMA-DRAIN™ Xterior addresses your entire foundation and not just individual components of basement waterproofing like most traditional methods.

Most traditional basement leak repairs only address either the drainage tile around your foundation or the foundation walls; not both. The PERMA-DRAIN Xterior is not only a superior foundation drainage system, but it also includes basement wall waterproofing. This ensures your home is permanently protected from water infiltration.

The PERMA-DRAINXterior combines several of PERMA-DRY®’s proprietary basement technologies and proven dry basement systems such as our PERMA- DRAIN™ System, RUB-R-KOTE BTWaterproofing Membrane and DRY-COVEAir- Gap Membrane among others to ensure a permanent solution to leaky basements.

PERMA-DRAIN Xterior completely waterproofs your foundation walls and footing with RUB-R-KOTE BT, a liquid applied, seamless, permanently flexible waterproofing membrane. The RUB-R-KOTE BT is then protected from soil abrasion with DRY- COVE Air-Gap Membrane, which also provides an air gap between your foundation wall and the backfilled soil allowing a direct path for water to get to the drainage system. Most contractors, if they even waterproof your walls, use a “Peel and Stick” sheet membrane.

These systems have joints about every three feet or so and more often than not are not overlapped correctly, if at all. That’s an opportunity for failure every 3 feet! RUB-R-KOTE is seamless – that means no joints to install incorrectly.

The anchor of the system is our PERMA-DRAIN which is installed beside your foundation’s footing. The PERMA-DRAIN™is made of tough as nails PVC pipe. It doesn’t easily collapse and plug up like corrugated tube such as Big “O”. The smooth interior walls with no ribs to catch silt, promotes easy water flow. Unlike many other drainage products that have slits of holes on the top and sides of the pipe allowing silt to easily enter the pipe, the PERMA-DRAIN™ has it’s holes at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions, allowing water to enter from the bottom, further eliminating siltation.

PERMA-DRAIN Xterior is guaranteed against water leakage for as long as you own your home! And, if you ever sell your home, your warranty can even be transferred to a new owner!