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 Local Excellence Since 1978: Proudly Founded in Nova Scotia.


PERMA-DRY has 40 years of research, development and hands-on experience behind it. Its success began with the invention of a proprietary product by PERMA-DRY co-founder Bill Cole, and a team of chemists and engineers.

An Innovative New Way to Seal Cracks in Concrete

The original PERMA-SEAL® product, which is still widely used today, is a flexible resin that is injected in a concrete crack from the bottom up, all the way through the wall to the outside. It forms a flexible, watertight seal that moves with the foundation as it expands and contracts when the temperature changes.


This revolutionary development means that basement leaks can now be repaired from the inside, in any weather, without digging the soil from around foundations. Cracks can even be repaired while water is pouring through them.

A complete Crack Repair and Waterproofing Service

PERMA-DRY has successfully repaired cracks in swimming pools, cisterns, balconies, tunnels and drydocks across Canada, in the United States and in England. Further research has resulted in a large range of patented, speciality products that have made PERMA-DRY the expert in concrete restoration and structural concrete repairs.