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Case 102: Perma-Seal

Product: PERMA-SEAL®
Client: Halifax Shipyard

Halifax Shipyard’s graving dock, or dry dock as it is also known, is a major facility in Maritime Canada for the repair of commercial vessels. The historic dry dock was first built over 100 years ago and has been regularly upgraded and enlarged.

During a recent refit, the electrical contracting firm of Black & McDonald Limited of Halifax installed new electrical conduits in a channel in the sides and bottom of the concrete dock. Some replacement concrete that covered the new conduits wasn’t agitated properly, causing poor bonding with the original material in some areas and honeycombs or voids in the new concrete. The result was saltwater leakage into the ducts whenever the dry dock was flooded, according to Arnold Booth, electrical superintendent for Black & McDonald.

Rather than tear everything out and start again, they called PERMA-DRY whose specialists suggested their own crack repair process be carried out using PERMA-DRY’s THERMO-JET technology and PERMA-SEAL, a specially-formulated repair material that is pressure-injected to ensure penetration through the entire wall, from bottom to top, from the inside out. PERMA-SEAL fills the crack and all capillaries, thermally fusing to the concrete.

In this case, PERMASEAL was applied to affected areas while they were still wet. “It seems to have worked,” says Booth. “They’ve had a number of different ships in there since the repairs.”

Booth says he is very impressed by PERMA-DRY’s solution. “I wasn’t sure the repair could be done without tearing everything out,” he says. “They saved me money.”