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Concrete Repair & Restoration

Concrete Beautification - Repair, Restoration & Resurfacing

Why replace cracked, broken and deteriorated concrete when you can repair it and make it look like new at a fraction of the price? It may seem like magic, but that’s exactly what PERMA-DRY® can often do!

Concrete repair can often seem like a no-brainer especially given that the cost of replacement is often significantly higher than repair. When deciding whether to repair or replace concrete, you must weight your short and long term plans for the property against Life Cycle Costs (LCC).

Life Cycle Cost is the overall cost of ownership of a building, property, appliance or fixture including maintenance.


PERMA-DRY® can evaluate the condition of your concrete and provide opinions and quotations for repair or replacement. We can even help you determine the Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

PERMA-DRY® has solutions for all of your concrete repair, restoration and protective coatings needs. From our high performance INDUSTRIAL FLOORING™ epoxy floor coating, to our line of PERMA-PATCH™ cementitious repair mortars and epoxy mortars, PERMA-DRY® has you covered.

Our concrete beautification and resurfacing solutions include:

PERMA-PATCH™ Repair Mortars

PERMA-PATCH™ is a family of single component, polymer-modified, high strength repair mortars. There is a PERMA-PATCH™ for every type of repair from an allpurpose version to one designed for vertical and overhead application to one the will even accept traffic from pneumatic tires in 1 hour!


INDUSTRIAL FLOORING™ is a durable, abrasion-resistant, two-component epoxy resin flooring system that is designed for commercial and industrial applications. INDUSTRIAL FLOORING can be applied as a clear or pigmented coating to provide an attractive, high gloss finish. When used in conjunction with colour quartz aggregate, INDUSTRIAL FLOORING produces an extremely durable, hard-wearing, slip-resistant, seamless flooring that is popularly used in food preparation areas, showers, laundry rooms and other areas where a durable, seamless, slip-resistant floor is required.