Wet basement?

At PERMA-DRY, we understand the stress a flooded basement can cause. The sense of panic, the uncertainty of the next step, the unexpected financial burden…to say nothing of the severe physical damage water can inflict upon a home and to personal property.


Unfortunately, these kinds of emergencies are never planned for. At PERMA-DRY, there is nothing more important than our customers who fall victim to them. In developing an effective approach to waterproofing and concrete repair that targets, seals and ultimately eliminates leaks in as little as a few hours, PERMA-DRY is the permanent, cutting-edge response to water-damaged basements. Not only that, but we guarantee our repair for as long as you own your home.x


PERMA-DRY’s core focus is simple: Create a customer experience that minimizes the stresses associated with basement flooding while nurturing an extremely satisfied and loyal client base. In short, we’re all about YOU, and prove it through policies such as guaranteed solutions, transferrable warranties, 24/7 availability and a polished, professional approach by our staff.

In over 30 years in the waterproofing, foundation repair and concrete restoration business, PERMA-DRY has emerged as “Canada’s Leader in Dry Basements & Concrete Repair.” Discover the ways in which our unique, proprietary products and industry leading systems have brought peace of mind to tens of thousands of homeowners and businesses across North America.