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Wet Basement – Get on the right trac with the PERMA-TRAC™ System!

A wet basement can be a big problem for home owners.  From the emotional toll of having personal property damaged to the physical toll of having to clean up water, to the expense the damage causes.  Basement leaks are not usually planned or budgeted for, often making their repair a financial burden.  PERMA-DRY®’s PERMA-TRAC System is a permanent, cost effective solution to many basement leak problems.

Typically used with concrete block or stone foundations, the PERMA-TRAC™ System is designed to capture water that leaks into your basement through the joint where your floor and wall meet and also through cracks in the mortar joints.  Installed on the inside of your foundation at the floor/wall joint, the PERMA-TRAC™ System, then re-directs the captured water to an existing or a new drain.

Because the PERMA-TRAC™ System is installed on the inside, installation can be done any time of year in any weather condition without costly, messy and environmentally un-friendly excavation!  Not to mention the fact that most traditional exterior repairs can take a week or more to complete and then often take years to get your property back to where it was before the leak.  Most PERMA-TRAC™ installations can be installed within a day or two, allowing you to get back to life!

The PERMA-TRAC™ System is also warranted against leakage for as long as you own your home!  And, if you sell, the warranty can be transferred to a new owner.

The PERMA-TRAC™ System is just one of PERMA-DRY®’s industry leading wet basement solutions.  Top find out more, or to find the PERMA-DRY location nearest you, go to .