Company History

PERMA-DRY is a family-run business that was founded in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1978 by Bill and Colleen Cole. After many years in the construction industry, Bill Cole decided to specialise in concrete repair. He used conventional methods for a while, but then decided that there had to be a better way of waterproofing basements than digging them up from the outside.


Concrete repair and waterproofing for homes, businesses and industry

Working with a team of chemists and engineers, Bill Cole successfully formulated PERMA-SEAL, PERMA-DRY's first unique, proprietary product, which allows cracked and leaking concrete to be permanently repaired from the inside, in any weather. Since then, PERMA-DRY has continued to expand and diversify. Now it offers a broad range of products and services to private home owners, industry and government, which range from waterproofing and concrete repair to decorative concrete finishes and underpinning.


An international franchise

PERMA-DRY started franchising in 1990 and our original Cape Breton and Truro franchisees are still with the company. PERMA-DRY can now boast an international network of 24 franchises in Canada and the United States.